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Welcome to LDB Wakeschool

LDB Wakeschool over the past seven years has established itself as the top in the UK and Europe for Wakeboard and Wakesurf coaching. Lee is well known for his teaching, coaching and training patience and expertise for beginners through to professionals. You can develop your skills well with Lee’s clear and concise training methods, he really believes that learning the correct techniques from the start increases your abilities for the future.

Matt Aitchison, one of the highest qualified wakeboard coaches in the UK, has worked closely with LDB Wakeschool from the very beginning. Lee and Matt coach with the same methods to enhance a safe, structured, fast progression and development. However, his skills don’t just lie with Wakeboarding he is also a top snowboard instructor in the winter too.

With customers as young as 4 years old right up to 80 years old, they have proven that steady coaching, patience and a good understanding of the sport makes it possible to get anyone on the water, and enjoying it.

JB Ski
The home of LDB Wakeschool. The Thorpe lakes are located just outside London next to Thorpe Park, it is the biggest Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing and Water Skiing park.

What is Wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is an extreme water sport using techniques developed from water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. It involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water, traditionally towed behind a boat, but can be towed in a variety of other ways including closed-course cable systems, winches or personal water craft.

The rider is towed typically at speeds of 18–24 miles per hour (29–39 km/h), depending on water conditions, rider’s weight, board size and most importantly, the rider’s personal preference. As the rider’s competence increases they may choose to learn tricks, hit kickers, sliders and rails.

What is Wakesurfing?

With the help of the NSS Nautique Surf system, The Boat creates the perfect shape wave for beginners to advanced surfers. The wave is endless so it is the perfect way to improve your suck skills so the next time you hit the ocean you are ready for the waves. We have a full selection of Skim and surf style boards for you to try out.

Incredible feeling, being out on the water.

Lee Debuse

Wakeboarding since he was 14, coaching since he was 16 and still enjoying the ride! Lee has an enthusiasm for Wakeboarding like no other; he chose to make it his career as well as his hobby.

Lee has extensive experience in teaching and coaching all levels, from those hitting the water for the first time right through to professional competitors. The feeling of building someone’s confidence or teaching someone a new trick is a real sense of achievement for Lee. He is keen for people to learn the most safe and constructive steps to succeed and progress without injuries.

Across his coaching career Lee has spotted some real talent at amateur level and trained them up to professional standard, some of which are now competing at world championship level.

Other than passing his knowledge onto others Lee still finds time to compete at a professional level around Europe.


Fully Certified and insured British Water Ski and Wakeboard UKCC Level 2 Coach

Ski Boat Drivers Award Level 2

System 2.0 Coach

First Aid trained

Child Safe Guarding

DBS checked

The misfits and crazies

Team LDB

Many events hosted throughout the year

The Boat

Our New 2014 Super Air Nautique 210
We couldn’t be happier with our choice of boat, the Super Air Nautique 210 is the best wakeboard / wakeskate boat out there.

The Super Air Nautique 210 is all-new for 2014 with an innovative design that will pull you in and reignite the following that started it all. The new 210 is sure to please the Nautique traditionalist while inspiring excitement at the discovery of new transformations in every part of the boat. This new aggressive look and feel extends below the waterline with a hull specifically designed to work in concert with the Nautique Surf System and the addition of our pro ballast package that gives you even more behind the boat than ever before. (source: http://www.nautique.com/models/super-air-nautique-210/)

In order to get everyone up and running, we can also run a ski boat with a learners bar. The difference being that the ski boat produces very little wake, one less thing for you to have to think about.

Our Super Air Nautique 210 is Brand New for the 2014 season. It’s has been fully customised for Lee and is sure to get you fired up while you’re in the water.

New Super Air Nautique 210 boat to aid progression, beginners to advanced


Tow Rates

Non members weekends  £30

Non members weekdays £29

Courses (beginner/improvers) weekday £75
(3 x Tows)

Members £25

Mid week members £22

Boat Memberships

Full £320 (Tow rate £25)

Mid week (9-5) £250 (Tow rate £22)

Timms £150 (Two rate £25)

Full + Mid week £485 (see above)


Coaching from professional wakeboarder Lee Debuse

Have a little look


Throughout the year LDB Wakeschool hosts a number of events, these can be open to only Amateurs, only Professionals or a mixture of both.  We are lucky to have a loyal group who are always around to capture the days events and this is the location where the photos can be seen.

The Gallery area will also hold images of our sponsored riders and what they get up to.  They are lucky enough to travel the world competing in events such as the European and World championships, there results and the pictures will be posted here.

Both males and females can learn and improve together


“I was a complete beginner when I started with Lee. He is a great coach, who always makes you feel safe. The thing I appreciate most about Lee is that I have full trust in him at all times, if he tells me I can do something, even if I think it’s impossible, I know that I will be able to do it! Lee has ridden behind the boat with me a couple of times to show me exactly how to do things, which is not only great fun but probably the best way of learning too! LDB wakeschool is an amazing place to ride, I would highly recommend it!!” – Steph, 28

“LDB Wakeschool was the start of wakeboarding for me, it has been my home riding spot ever since I started 4 years ago. Lee has helped me so much, given me so much support with my riding and has made learning new new tricks fun. He’s not given up on me, even though sometimes I know I probably drive him crazy. I would not be the rider I am today without the coaching from LDB. Lee has become a great friend as well as coach along the way.” – Luca Kidd, 13 (Current Boys National Champion)

“My experience with LDB has been priceless. Lee & Matt have helped me rediscover childlike fun in a safe and always encouraging environment. After wakeboarding for a couple of seasons I have now had numerous instructors but none compare to the friendly, calm and motivating teaching of LDB. Whether you are world-class professional wakeboarder or a casual and not so young punter like me just looking for an awesome adrenaline rush, LDB will make you feel special and will ensure you progress.  Thanks LDB for changing my life and giving me the confidence to push myself at wakeboarding and to even try other board sports. Can’t wait to get back out on the lake in 2015 with you guys. ” Alexandria Murphy, 40 something

“I travel to LDB Wakeschool when ever I can, even though it’s a 2 hour journey. I believe that Lee’s coaching is the best in the country. He has helped me progress in my riding, supported me and given me confidence. Lee explains new tricks to me with enthusiasm, in plain English and always makes sure I completely understand the concept of the trick to ensure the best learning. Another great aspect of LDB Wakeschool is the new Nautique Super air 210, it is a fantastic boat and is perfect for progressing my riding and learning new tricks. Above everything else, I always have fun. Thanks Lee for all your help this year, can’t wait for Florida.” – Mitchel Wise, 14 (British Team Rider)

“I think it’s a combination of things that makes Lee such a good wakeboard coach. He always gives me the confidence to push myself which makes me believe I can progress further. Trying new tricks can take you outside your comfort zone, but Lee breaks down each trick step by step so they’re easier and more enjoyable to learn.” – Katie Batchelor

“Learnt and laughed more with LDB than any other wakeboard coach. Couldn’t have landed my first invert without you! I promise to try not to make you bald this year :)” – Helen Carrol (you can’t ask a lady for her age)

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Coaching from professional wakeboarder Lee Debuse

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